creative brief

IconicReach and the advertiser team up to produce a creative brief that will outline: KPI's, a campaign objective, and key talking points for influencers. This creative brief will be uploaded to IconicReach's app where it will be visible to thousands of influencers.

CAmpaign launch

The Brand set's a budget and pre-pays for the initial campaign. IconicReach will send out an automated invite to tens of thousands of Fashion oriented influencers within the brands specific target audience, inviting them to participate in the campaign.

Influencer selection

IconicReach will provide a detailed list of influencers that are keen on partnering with the brand. IconicReach manually vets influencers to verify authenticity. The advertiser can then accept best fit influencers based off their offered rate. Accepted influencer will begin producing content for the brand to approve.

Campaign tracking

Influencers will publish content once verified and approved by the advertiser. IconicReach will track each post and notify the brand once live. Based off the advertisers KPI's, IconicReach will generate a in-detail report showcasing ROI, CPI, CPA, and CPE.

Let’s break the internet

IconicReach combines the extensive reach of engageBDR’s programmatic network to amplify content reach via Paid Social, Display, Video, Audio and Connected TV at Unparalleled scale.

who we are

Our DNA is
Direct to Consumer

Our DNA is direct to consumer, so naturally, our approach is very different than our competitors.

We are a private, invite-only network and aren’t afraid to admit it! We work exclusively with Iconic influencers who have above average rates of engagement and who understand the art of seamlessly integrating a call to action while maintaining thumb-stopping content that demands the attention of it’s viewers.


Let us showcase your talent! IconicReach connects you to hundreds of brands that are eager to work with you. Upon approval of your application, our simple, easy to use mobile app lets you to browse and apply for hundreds of campaigns with online and offline activation opportunities and virtually unlimited budgets for content that performs.

In addition to working with amazing brands, IconicReach’s content distribution capabilities for brands allow your content to be seen by an audience outside of your current followers. Let us help you grow your audience organically and authentically by showcasing your content across the internet!


Connect with consumers like never before. IconicReach offers content production, and distribution at tremendous scale. Reach 500mm+ engaged consumers through social + programmatic display, video and TV.

Leverage hand picked, painstakingly vetted creators sourced specifically for your campaign KPI’s to produce authentic content on behalf of your brand- online or offline.