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IconicReach offers brands the ability to leverage our scalable software to intelligently and effectively manage online influencer-based campaigns end-to-end. Our platform allows you to prospect the most relevant influencers for your campaigns using proprietary machine learning, coupled with our first-in-class vetting process to ensure you are working with the most influential creators. We help advertisers measure and optimize campaign effectiveness through comprehensive attribution reporting, offering complete insight on audience demographics, clicks, conversions, CPE, etc.



But wait, there’s more!

Oh, you thought we were picky? Well, you’re right! Unlike most, we are not hyper-obsessed with the number of likes and comments; a ton of likes and comments don’t necessarily translate to sales!

We are, however, obsessive when it comes to comment sentiment, and authenticity. We exclusively grade influencers on their ability to open up dialogue with their audience relative to the products they are presenting. The importance of this principle is paramount to the success of a campaign, and we have practiced this concept since the inception of IconicReach.

Go Viral

Let’s break the internet together. Influencers are modern day trendsetters and have the capability to catapult your brand into an all out movement. Influencers are responsible for exposing their audience to new products and “best kept secrets”…well, at IconicReach, we feel that secrets don’t make friends!

IconicReach can not only help create content with the best influencers in the world, but through our best-in-class content syndication capabilities, we can help you reach more engaged consumers than social alone. Influencer-generated content, when used as creative for media buys, outperforms standard branded creative almost 3.5x, from our experience.

Stop spending money on professional photo and video- it’s inauthentic, and ineffective…not to mention, you can work with 100+ influencers in the amount of time spent on producing one piece of content. Let’s stop over-complicating things!

How IconicReach Works

Create a free account and tell us about yourself

Brands upload campaign information and browse influencer profiles

Brands select influencers for their campaign in the portal

Influencers accept campaigns and expose the content to millions

Key Features


Invite only influencers with exceptional engagement only


Fully managed services, combining on and offline initiatives


Thorough MANUAL vetting process for genuine engagement and following


We support both Advertiser supplied creative as well as influencer-generated content


We live and breathe direct-response; we know how to generate traffic which results in sales


Top performing influencers

Why Influencer Marketing?

Build Trust With Your Audience

When you leverage an influencer or personality who is highly regarded as a subject matter expert, and have them share content about your brand to their audience, it helps add credibility and establishes cognizance of your brand. This not only helps people feel at ease with purchase decisions, but it also helps illustrate your brand as an industry leader.

Beat Banner Blindness

In today’s age, where mobile devices are equipped to eradicate traditional banner ads in a user’s browsing experience, it only makes sense to spend your marketing dollars where they can actually be seen; in natural, native content produced by influencers. Influencers natively craft content in a fashion which encourages their followers to watch and learn.

Campaigns Live On Through Sharing

One of the most profound reasons for leveraging influencers for your brand is simple. The content never goes away; it lives-on through sharing and will continue to incubate brand awareness and building brand equity. This is one of the primary reasons why Influencer marketing drives such high ROAS.

Go Viral

Influencers often are responsible for setting new trends and movements. It’s commonplace for influencers to expose their audiences to new products, and “best kept secrets” to benefit their fans. One of the most profound methods of leveraging influencers is for them to reveal your brand to their audience as a “best kept secret” or on the cutting-edge of new trends.

Influencer Purchase Desicions

Let’s face it, influencers have been around for years and have had profound effects on purchase decisions. From bombshell Suzanne Somers, who endorsed the greatest selling piece of exercise equipment in history, the Thighmaster, to Under Armour’s #1 line, “The Rock Project” curated by the highest paid male actor in the history of Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson. Consumers look to influencers for advice on products to buy. Studies have found nearly 85% of Generation Z consumers use social media to learn about new products.

Key Differentiators


We handle all negotiations on behalf of our brands. Our incentive is to deliver successful campaigns on behalf of our clients - bottom line, If you're not making money with us, you won’t be spending money with us. Our goal is to drive long-term results and spend your money as if it were our own.


We vet all influencers and sort through the noise ensuring influencers have real followers with real engagement


We offer performance tracking and measurement with the unique ability to optimize to KPI’s


We manage the entire campaign! It’s very difficult to work with influencers on a 1:1 basis at scale which is very time consuming.  It will be more cost effective and profitable for you to leverage a team like us for your campaigns

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