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SE LUNIS is a Los Angeles-based brand who is inspired by the marvelous and janky bootlegs of Knickerbocker Ave and Canal Street. SE LUNIS emphasizes their passion for all childhood and nostalgic feels with a twist of altered designer names that make the perfect bootleg shirt that will one day be the rarest tee in the game. Created by quirky and creative designers, their shirts are a hidden gem.


LadyKin is a Korean beauty product brand founded in 2005, offering affordable products which seek to answer modern women’s beauty needs and push the skincare boundaries by pioneering unique, yet powerful ingredients, such as snail extract.

Coreana Cosmetics Co. is a S. Korean-based brand that manufactures premium cosmetics, skin and hair care products. Coreana’s flagship products are made using micro dermashot technology, a cutting edge approach that enhances the stability and efficacy of each active ingredient.


Healthy Living Gym is an app that focuses on simple, at-home workouts, most of which require no equipment and are perfect for women with a busy schedule.

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