A Patented Baby Pillow Engineered for Safety and Comfort

About the Brand

The only patented baby pillow engineered for preventing positional head deformation. Gio Pillow is developed to distribute the pressure between the back head of the baby and pillow so that it can shape the baby’s head effectively during their growth period. Gio Pillow is the baby pillow designed to prevent SIDS of young babies effectively through scientific design which adopts a mesh-type cover and allows breathability.

Campaign Objective

Objective was to have influencers create video content on why they recommend the GIO PILLOW for their baby’s head shaping benefits. Explain in the video why it’s important that it effectively controls sweat and heat by circulating air through mesh fabric making the pillow extremely breathable and helps your baby to sleep more comfortably. Create an emotional connection or something the influencer’s followers can identify with and strive for.

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The campaign utilizing 1 influencer sourced by IconicReach resulted in over 23,649 clicks to date. The influencer produced 2 videos that included Coreana as a product integration in the video. The videos combined have generated over 459,000 viewsover the course of 1 year, and to date are still generating an average of 40 clicks a day.



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127k subscribers

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Due to a high ROI achieved through lnstagram, it’s uncommon for brands to request organic Facebook and Twitter posts from influencers. Therefore data from these platforms vary too much to derive benchmarks.

1. Forrester
2. ThinkwithGoogle
3. Wordstream

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